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I’ve been a graphic design enthusiast from Berlin, Germany for 12 years. I’ve been doing graphics/illustrations and 3D designs for 6 years. Graphic design was initially considered a hobby for me, but has now been my independent profession for 1 ½ years. My favorite activity is to inspire people / customers. Being able to apply knowledge and always learning new things. This is what gives me the most joy, as most of the time clients I work for are amazed at how much such a young person can know.  I bring team spirit and top motivation, I don’t give up, I have the ability to solve problems and I’m spontaneous. However, I am also very forgetful in the same breath, which is often my downfall, as I like to overhear things. I help myself with mind-map tools like Miro to write down my thoughts and to note and analyze my tasks and work steps. My special fields are logo design, prototyping and branding in general. The programs I enjoy the most are Photoshop, Cinema4D and Miro.

What about my strengths?

my strengths

Overall, having a designer with strong skills in these areas will help to ensure that your project is a success and meets your objectives.
Logo design
Social media knowledge

Me and my brand

why laiceage?

I offer a professional but still personal approach to you. My strengths are limited only to the knowledge in google. I am a very willing person to learn and I strive to know as much as possible about the subject.

What plans do i offer?

My payment plans

The choice between a subscription plan and a fixed price plan depends on your individual needs and usage patterns. Consider what works best for you in terms of cost, convenience, and access to the product or service.

Subscribation plan

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I Solve Real Problems

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Social Media​​

Social media is an essential tool for modern businesses, as it allows them to connect with their customers and build a brand identity online. With a strong social media presence, companies can engage with their audience, promote their products and services, and drive traffic to their website.


Good design is an essential component of a successful business. It helps your clients communicate their message effectively and sets them apart from competitors. A well-designed website, product, or marketing material can attract and retain customers, build trust and credibility, and streamline internal processes. Investing in a good design is an investment in the long-term success of your clients' business.

market analysis

A market analysis is a crucial step in understanding and assessing the viability of a business idea or expansion. Without a thorough market analysis, your business may struggle to effectively reach it`s target audience, differentiate it in a crowded market, or accurately forecast it`s sales and growth. A good market analysis can provide valuable insights and help your business succeed.