MeinWerbevideo Rebranding

MeinWerbevideo produces professional promotional videos for companies.
Constantin (founder of MeinWerbevideo) was enthusiastic about videography at a young age and created various films for companies in a wide variety of industries. Now he is a successful freelance videographer. All that was missing was the fine-tuning of branding.

Hand in Hand

Unlike other studios, we work very closely with our customers to work faster and more efficiently. First we design the logo, which can be very quick or takes a little longer depending on the customer. With MeinWerbevideo, the design process of the logo was quickly and easily completed with several briefings and we were able to quickly take care of the rest, such as color selection, layout and imagery.

Independent work

We try to make the design as understandable as possible for the customer so that he can design his brand himself according to the branding we created for him. There are always several demonstration models in digital form, a design manual and a series of imagery to help the customer continue the design independently.