Fractum by Iittala concept

this is not a real product or design line by Iittala, its only concept made up by Devin Fehlberg

Iittala, founded as a glassworks in 1881, is a Finnish design brand specializing in design objects, tableware and cookware.

Fracrtum(not a real brand by Iittala) is a sub-brand of the Iittala umbrella brand, which aims to appeal to a new, younger target group. Sustainability and design were very important here in order to meet the ravages of time.

The colors should evoke a wild night in the club and the good time you have there with your best.

Front page of Iittala's store

Fractum uses dark and light colors at the same time. The front page of the website should therefore look inviting and modern in order to involve people who already know and buy Iittala and slowly introduce them to the new design.

Animation work

a simple and easy placement of the glasses should be useful to present the procurement of the object with the use of light play and light refraction and to bring it closer to the user

Testing is above studying

here i have chosen another minimalist way of presentation. Which I didn’t like in the end because it reminded me too much of a so-called „instagram aesthetic“ and looked too mainstream.

Still nice to look at.


All renders of the new modeled glasses were made exclusively for this fractum concept sub brand. It reminds of a still life from the early ages. 

Glass has to be clean so all glasses were made with a 3d software on pc. Every render is made for multiple devices. They can be used as backgrounds for social media posts, story posts, advertisement posters. Everything you could think of. Too many different rendes would definitly not be ideal for a branding. Since some people wont recognize the brand anymore.