FLASH is the latest creation of BIONADE founder Peter Kowalsky as part of his start-up INJU.. FLASH can be considered the younger sister of the other INJU drinks. These arose from the question of how the body can be supplied with energy naturally and healthily. Living a stressfull life can often be identified with an unhealthy lifestyle. For this, the BIONADE founder Peter Kowalsky created a healthy alternative for all these energy drinks. The problem was that the design they originally used and the name „FLASH“ was too energy drink like and didn`t communicated the overall healthynes of the product. I`m here to fix that. 

Small bottle big responsibility

FLASH invigorates naturally, without caffeine: with plant extracts, vitamins and Q10. FLASH is fruity, tingling, spicy: thanks to passion fruit, lemon, grapefruit and carbonic acid, thanks to ginger, turmeric and pepper. In addition, FLASH is vegan and is produced climate- and water-neutral. The logo represents exactly all these components, with it`s devil (sharp) like horns and sparkly bubbles.

It is the Perfect drink

Perfect for being together, for a long night or just to fight fatigue and its also more healthy than its competitors. If that doesn’t seem like a refreshing drink.

Even the Packaging looks like a warm summer day, with it`s bright and natural colors.


Every brand needs good marketing, for this I have opted for a bright image of the sub brand. Here, the energetic effect of the bright yellow beverage should be made visible. With a slight touch of the oldschool posters used around the 80-90s, to create a similar look and feel to the product. 

Future Products

A product, or at least a product line. The future of the sub-brand must also be examined. What kind of product could best suit this product? Sandals or  playing cards to play with your friends at the beach? 

Other variaties

It is also always good to check the product for other variabilities and how the design works in these.