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War Hub league is an international esports team that plays several different games. The design should also show that. It shouldn’t look too simple, but it shouldn’t look too crowded either.Therefore curved shapes and an inviting bright ambience, which gives the team a certain positive charisma.

story template

Banner, Intermissions and Story

The uniform design is continued here. Curved shapes and a strong yellow/orange contrast reflect the spirit of team branding. Orange because the color orange has been proven to release the reward hormone dopamine in the brain – increasing motivation and joie de vivre. Orange shades therefore have a strong, cheerful, invigorating and mood-enhancing effect on people.

Stream screens

Of course you don’t want to be bored in the stream. Therefore, stream starting/ending/offline screens are often used to keep the viewer happy even when they are not there. Viewers are also often more likely to return to the stream after a pause if the stream is not closed but „Stream paused“ screens are used.

Motion graphics and social graphics

The cam overlay was hand drawn to match the style. A lot of shades and details give the whole thing its flair.

Social Media links and Storys

In order to be recognized on other social media, for example, links are posted here on instagram in the „saved stories“ to enable users to make further connections with the creator or the team.