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Master Abel

HIBACHI Master abel is a Hibachi catering service based in Los Angeles. They focus on parties and social events, enchanting them with their culinary skills and delicious Japanese dishes.

The goal was to create a brand that not only looks modern but also deviates from the stereotypical Japanese/Chinese restaurant.

Quote from the customer

„I’ve known Laice for about four years and every time an opportunity comes up where I can plug/promote his work, I do it. I’ve seen his work throughout the years, the dedication that goes into making the designs, and the consistency with his uploads and quality. I finally got the opportunity to commission some work. Considering the fact that I am from California and he’s from Germany, I thought we would’ve had a little bit of trouble with the time difference and communication but no, he went above and beyond to make sure my boss and I were satisfied with every detail. It was truly a pleasure working with him and I can’t wait to get more work done in the near future with other clients I bring to him!“

Menu Card

HIBACHI Master Abel card was designed entirely according to the Chinese model. Here Chinese knots and wall ornaments are the inspiration.

The card was designed with all the main colors of the design layout in order to create a connection between the card and the logo for the customer, so that the card can also be assigned to the catering service without a logo and only on the basis of the card.

Business cards

The color combination of red and black is clearly recognizable in the example of business cards. Little text and more information about social media and the website belong here on the back of the card. Here again in the branding style of the brand with a black front and red back.

The red back because red is a kind of „alarm color“ for the human eye. Thus, they are more likely to turn the card over and read the information presented to them.


Websites are often full of unnecessary images and patterns. In this case, the focus was entirely on minimalism and color schemes. The subdivision of the areas with different colors of the brand is a large and important part of the user experience but also of the interface. 

First, the customer is taken to the homepage, where the logo and a picture of the catering service can be seen. Thus, the customer knows directly that he is on the right page. Likewise, the entire design process was limited to the 4 branding colors in order to create recognition with the brand.

Main Site
Menu Site
Booking page


The social media icons are designed in the same way as the logo. This achieves a better social media experience for the companies. These can be used on instagram, among other things.


The chopsticks were designed based entirely on the card and the key visual. Hibachi master abel now has the right chopstick packaging for every occasion, which customers can take with them. These packs have one side with Pure design and the other with information about Hibachi master abel

Intro and outro

2 Videos

Medien (Intro/Outro)

Intros and outros are very important when your business is based on emotions and experiences. They make their customers feel immersed or part of something. An intro is played at the beginning of the video and the outro at the end of the video.