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Blu.fps/ hqs is an international e-sports team which can often be found in call of duty competitions and also takes part there regularly. They embody strength, speed and skill.

The idea was to project these strengths in the team onto the design. The key words here are fast shapes, trendy, uniform design and sharp edges. The team is very individual with each of the players having different characters as well as different skill sets.

background FPS phone

Banner and Backgrounds

Now and then this unity may be broken. Because every player is also a brand in itself. Therefore, the personal design, such as the desktop or mobile phone background, is different from the team design. Nobody likes to be reminded of work in their free time. Although these are very closely linked in this area.

Welcome post

Every new member should immediately feel comfortable, hence a very uniform and yet complex design. Seeing yourself as part of the team gives the rookie a good idea of ​​what to expect and encourages them to keep going.

Motion graphics and social graphics

The social media as well as the motion graphics are all adapted to the team design. Once again it speaks for itself, sharp edges and cursive forms set a good example and show what makes the team and its players special.