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Fooling Around

Fooling around is an English speaking content creator. He can be found on many social media platforms and mainly makes funny and entertaining videos and streams.

In order to be able to market his personality but also his videos properly, he looked for a suitable logo. He wanted to give me as much freedom as possible to achieve the best result.

Twitch Graphics

The goal was to develop a uniform design that reflects both his viewers and himself. Fast forms, simple writing and modern design are good manners here. The customer chose the colors himself.

Stream screens

Exciting and fast-paced design, it might give the viewer a headache. To counteract this, a clearly legible font is used on this exciting design to guarantee high legibility and recognition. The font used here is the „MOON GET!“

Webcam overlay

The cam overlay was hand drawn to match the style. A lot of shades and details give the whole thing its flair.