Assen car detailling

Assen detailing are a mobile car cleaning company that cleans and polishes on site, they also clean your interior and remove dog hair, stains and other dirt.

The goal was to keep the detailed look of the mark. In order to achieve this, the logo and the font were chosen in such a way that they are legible but also look good in detail and are recognizable on larger surfaces.

scent tree

The Assen brand itself is a car detail wash. However, products can also be sold and marketed under a different name „Xtreme car detailing“ to explore and expand further niches in the car cleaning sector.

Working cloth

Of course, the logo not only looks good on cars or products, but also on clothing. All logos, all texts and any graphics in any file format are modified especially for this occasion and purpose, so that the maximum possible scope of application is guaranteed, both now and in the future.