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Enrico Brademann is a car dealership of new and used cars in Germany. Before he sells the vehicles, they are thoroughly checked and renewed.

This is what the color blue is supposed to evoke, as blue is often associated with cleanliness, modernity and renewal.

This is only a concept poster for referece on E.Brademann's building

business card

Here the „color combination“ is continued. The slim and elegant design of the card reflects exactly what a car dealership should be. It is kept simple and yet robust. The front side that you usually see is the „seller’s side“. Everything is simple and easy, the back is designed according to the workshop aspect. Sharp edges and corners and yet orderly and clean, just as it should be.



The website has also been kept simple and easy. It perfectly reflects the buyer’s feeling when he comes back into the car parvillion. A solid-legged thought with the next dream under the roof with which one drives around for several years of one’s life and explores and discovers new places. Here the beginnings of a new future are written.

All designs have been consulted several times to ensure the best possible result. Communication between the designer and the customer is very important here. In this example, the communication worked very well and the result is impressive.