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Welcome to the official
laice_age website

Who am I?

I am a 19 year old guy from Germany, I’m in a graphic design school in Berlin and want to become a state approved graphic designer.

What do i Do?

I’m specialized in web, 3d and all in one graphic design. I use photoshop, cinema4d, adobe illustrator and lightroom to get the perfect result out of every design i do.

Why do i do that?

I want to make new experiences and meet new people. I want to teach and learn about design.

How it started

When I was 13 years old I had an old windows 97 pc with paint.net on it. I was instantly fascinated by graphic design and how all that stuff is happening in a pc.

Meet me on Instagram

Check me out on instagramm where I post a fresh new peace of art everyday.



Free Stuff

whats up Laice?!

My discord

For all the people who can´t find a designer. My discord is offering u a exclusive rank as a clan leader, a design beginner or advanced designer or something else that is fitting with you. You can search for clans as a designer for promotions and clients. Or you could write in the „need a designer“ chat where you can find the optimal designer for your needs. Get in contact with your clients via the private client chat room. Just have a quick look 😉